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Kota Buku Readers Club

Kelab Pembaca Kota Buku is a relaxed and informal kind of club that provide space and opportunity for club members to conduct their activities in a lively atmosphere.

The purpose of this club establishment:

  • Membership are open to the public to know the local scene activities related to books that are under the radar of Kota Buku
  • A club that can help to plan and manage all book related activities in a casual and lively atmosphere.
  • Building and generating club member talent in producing book related work/art


Advantages of becoming club member:

  • Gain access to e-book store for FREE (selected/given e-book)
  • Facility in using one of public space in Perbadanan Kota Buku Office for beneficial purposes or that are related with club activities
  • Club member will be given a T-Shirt and a token of appreciation when involve in activities run by Perbadanan Kota Buku
  • Club member will be given a membership card that entitles them with a special discount at book store**
  • Club member will get a special discount at book fair with the use of membership card**
  • Club member will get a special discount at any seminar or workshop organized by Kota Buku**

**Subjected to promoter/organizer agreement at the book fair and book store

*Please fill in your details below to enjoy the benefits of becoming part of our member*

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