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Kota Buku Readers Club


Kota Buku invites all passionate readers out there to join our Readers Club! So, what actually Kota Buku Readers Club is all about?

Kota Buku Readers Club is a relaxed and informal club that provides space and opportunity for its club members to conduct activities in a lively atmosphere.

Memberships are open to the public. By joining our Readers Club, members get to to know many local activities related to books which is under the radar of Kota Buku.

Kota Buku Readers Club is a club that conducts book related activities in a casual and vibrant atmosphere besides building and generating club member’s talent in producing book related works/arts.

Okay, I got it…so, what are the advantages I will obtain as a club member?

  1. Members will be provided with exclusive access to our e-book store (Book Capital) for FREE selected E-Books.

  2. Members will be given privileges to utilize public spaces at Kota Buku Office for beneficial purposes or matters related to club activities.

  3. Get a FREE exclusive T-Shirt as Kota Buku’s thank you token when members are involved in activities organized by Kota Buku.

  4. Members enjoy SPECIAL DISCOUNT (- %) at selected book stores and book fairs when the membership card is presented to cashier before payment **

  5. Get also an exclusive discount for seminars or workshops organized by Kota Buku **

**Subjected to promoters/organizers agreement at the book fair and book store**

YES! I would love to sign up as a member!

*Please fill in your details below to enjoy the benefits of Kota Buku's Readers Club member*

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