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Kota Buku Academy


The basis for the establishment of Kota Buku Academy (AKB) is to create a training center for the local industry players by focusing 20% on conventional publishing, and 80% on the creation of digital content.

The objective of establishing Kota Buku Academy (AKB) as a training program brand are as follows:

  1. To prepare the relevant contents for training purposes to cater the needs of the world’s book trade by focusing on the aspect of ‘future books’.

  2. To prepare customized training programs depending on the needs of the market

  3. To make training as an important core program in the agenda of building of the national book capacity

The following are covered in a series of courses Kota Buku Academy:

  1. Copyrights

  2. Publishing Technology

  3. Publishing Economy in The Digital Era

  4. Creation/Invention

Our stakeholders are:

  • Course participants

  • Writers

  • Publishers

  • Agencies (DBP, PNM, MBKM, ITBM, etc.)

  • Entrepreneurs