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Kota Buku Academy


The basis for the establishment of Kota Buku Academy (AKB) is to create a training center for the local industry players by focusing 20% on conventional publishing, and 80% on the creation of digital content.

The objectives of establishing Kota Buku Academy (AKB) as a branded training program is as follows:

  • To prepare the relevant contents for training purposes to cater the needs of the world’s book trade by focusing on the aspect of ‘Future Books’.
  • To prepare customised training programs depending on the needs of the market.
  • To make training as an important core program in the agenda of building the national book capacity.

The training aspects are prepared in a series of courses and Kota Buku Academy (AKB) training according to the following:

  • Copyright
  • Publishing Technology
  • Publishing Economy in the Digital Era  
  • Creation/Invention


  • Course participants
  • Writers
  • Publishers
  • Agencies (DBP,PNM, MBKM, ITBN, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurs