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Penerbitan Digital


Book Capital is a digital portal that archives Malaysiana Digital contents. Users would be able to browse many types of contents upon purchase within this platform.

Book Capital offers various kinds of digital contents in the form of electronic book (E-Books).

It is a one-stop center and provides easy access to local Malaysian digitized literature. A search engine is provided within the portal to ease the search by users.

Methods of access:

  1. Direct purchase (via shopping cart and payment gateway)

  2. Institutional subscription (via connection link to admin site or access codes)

Book Capital is a platform where the intellectual property (IP) owner would be given administrative function in order to be able to upload their contents/tagging the metadata/ access to their sales account.

Via Book Capital, Kota Buku provides a platform for publishers to handle their own promotion, sales and conduct administrative functions.

IP owners still keep their original copyrights and receive payments via royalty basis.

Interested in digital publication? Send inquiries to: