Being a citizen of the 21st century, the technology advances at an augmented pace; cognitive learning, skills and tasks that were once thought to be reserved for humans are increasingly being carried out by Artificial Intelligence or machines, causing growing concern about the impact on upscaling human capital that subsequently becomes a risks for governments, education institutions, entrepreneurs, industries and people.

Globalization, demographics and geopolitical transformations are already making a significant impact on the work landscape and productivity. Even though with the emergence of substantial numbers of innovative solutions such as “Freehand Visual Communications Skills”, “Gamification”, “Augmented Reality” and new emerging career opportunities, people are still ignorant of these proven solutions that simultaneously impacts productivity; becoming ill-prepared, for these existing and new roles.

Reskilling, upskilling and upscaling of human capital could bring people and technology closer together, empower the individual with robust sustainable educational programs through providers such as CENFREE, STEM or IR4.0 training centres and emphasize on 21st century human skills and capabilities that fulfils the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There is a window of opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, education institutions, industries and governments to understand and proactively manage the transition to a new standard and future.

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